Unlike most spirits, vodka gets its flavor entirely from its primary ingredients, whether that be potatoes, grains or even gimmicky things like apples or grapes. For the distiller and connoisseur, the challenge is finding the right ingredients and using them in the right proportions. To that end, we tried scores of combinations and landed on a unique blend of spelt and triticale. (Spelt is an ancient grain that imparts nutty sweetness. Triticale is a Scottish hybrid of wheat and rye, bringing smooth complexity.) Equally important to our process is the fact that we distill artfully – not over-distilling.  Once for purity, twice for smoothness. That’s it. The result is a vodka that’s unlike any you’ve had before, and any that’s on the market today.

blended together.

There was a time when vodka wasn’t the vapid, tasteless drink it is today. Centuries ago, vodka was made (somewhat crudely) from the recent harvest, which was imperfectly distilled. Back then, no one wanted to over-distill or over-filter and strip away all that lovely flavor. Why would they? Today, the Walter Collective has taken this old world process and distills in a state-of-the-art Kothe still. Working hand-in-hand with master distiller Ryan Hembree of Skip Rock Distillers, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind vodka. Great grains, artfully distilled, for distinct flavor.