Our goal was to make a spirit that was without doubt a gin, but far more interesting and complex than traditional dry gins. So instead of using a harsh (and less expensive) juniper, we use a soft one from the Tuscany region of Italy. Atop that, there's the subtle warmth of cassia and cardamom; and finally, the entire experience is balanced and brightened with the zest and pith of grapefruit. You’ve never had a dry gin this well-structured, complex or delicious. Any lover of gin should try Walter’s today – sooner if possible!

blended together.

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients is critical to the process. But before that, comes sourcing the right partner for distillation. We found that partner in Oregon Spirit Distillers of Bend, Oregon. Distillery founder Brad Irwin knows the art and science of distillation and has one of the finest stills made (a German-made Kothe). So we worked with him and his team–a collective effort–to perfect the process and the gin.