The walter collective was formed to create unique spirits. by using exceptional (and sometimes offbeat) ingredients and by partnering with forward-thinking distillers, we're able to create spirits that both honor tradition and bring new sensations to the palate.


The Walter Collective Gin is entirely different–it’s not an overly piney gin, nor is it a watered down Western style gin. Instead, we set out to pay homage to tradition in a more interesting way and offer a new taste experience that’s complex and smooth, with notes of citrus and spice. Learn more about this award-winning gin  >


This isn’t the odorless, tasteless vodka we’ve become accustomed to. No, this is something very different. This is vodka with flavor–unmistakable richness, creaminess and nuttiness. It harkens back through the centuries to a time of simple farming and simple distillation techniques. Learn more about our unique grains and process  >